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This Module is a great tool for someone preparing for an IFPS Connector & Conductor test, someone looking to boost their skills, and even make an excellent onboarding tool for entry-level assemblers! Purchasing 5 or more courses?  Contact dpollander@ifps.org for bulk pricing! Read more

A recent study found that more than 68% of participants cited a lack of confidence as the biggest stumbling block to a student’s ability to succeed in math. If math is a stumbling block for you, or if you are preparing to take a certification test, this online at-your-own-pace training module takes the IFPS Math Book and brings it to life! Dan Helgerson, CFPAI, will teach fundamental fluid power math skills and build on that foundation to explain the calculation of more complex formulas. Each section includes step-by-step video instructions on how to solve complex fluid power math problems. Read more

We’ve transformed our FPSA Certification Study Manual from traditional black-and-white print into a full-color, animated, interactive online learning platform. With audio narration that walks you through each outcome, many animated graphics, and interactive review questions at the end of each outcome, this at-your-own-pace learning tool will provide instant competency validation. In addition, you will have exclusive access to three additional online pretests to help you determine if you are ready to take the support associate certification test. Read more

HYDRAULIC FLUID- THE “LIFE BLOOD” OF HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS – PURPOSE, PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS, MAINTENANCE & MONITORING Presented by: Bj Wagner, CFPAI  BJ Wagner conducts a comprehensive workshop on hydraulic fluid, he delves into the intricacies of its purpose, key performance/operating characteristics, as well as how to maintain those characteristics, and looks at proactive ways to monitor and maintain the health of the hydraulic system. Read more

These Modules are a great tool for someone preparing for an IHM or MHM Certification test, someone looking to boost their skills, and even make an excellent onboarding tool for entry-level mechanics! Purchasing 5 or more courses?  Contact sales@ifps.org for bulk pricing! Read more

This interactive study manual will help you to prepare for the IFPS Hydraulic Specialist Exam. Purchasing 5 or more courses?  Contact sales@ifps.org for bulk pricing! Read more

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